Pregnancy is one of the most special and delightful times in your life! It is amazing to watch how your body changes, carrying a little human. Every mom-to-be radiates a beautiful “glow” that should be documented in time, because nine months will go by in a flash.

A custom maternity photo session is a perfect way to celebrate your pregnancy and to preserve all those irreplaceable memories. I love to create images that are filled with love and emotions. A portrait of a mom-to-be who gently caresses her tummy, as she feels every movement of her baby.

A father gently kissing the baby bump, and you can see so much love and pride in his eyes. That special bond that you can see on the pictures, where a toddler talks to unborn baby brother or baby sister. The excitement in the toddler’s eyes, because he is looking forward to meeting his younger sibling. I aspire to create images, that will tell the story from the very first moment of your together journey.

Photos are incredibly powerful! They can preserve memories in a way, that words can’t express. They have a power to trigger feelings, emotions and memories.

Memories captured during the pregnancy will stay with you, but most importantly with your child forever. Trust me, when your children are older they will be delighted to the photos of their pregnant mom, while they were growing inside you.

Let me capture those once-in-a-lifetime memories that will be treasured and passed for the generations for come.